Golang way of inheritance

Go claims itself as an object oriented programming language. Of course it is. But developers who came from Java or C#, would realise that OOPS in Go is not same as other languages. Let's see how Golang handles Inheritance.Inheritance - From Wikipedia - the mechanism of basing an object or class upon

OOPS - Attribute vs State

In Object oriented programming objects are the fundamental unit. Usually an object is defined to have two characteristics. State and behaviorState is defined through variables, properties or functions (getter and setter) depends on the language. Behavior is usually defined through functions. Most of

Dependency Inversion - a real world comparison.

Let me start with a story.Bob need a new assistant for his startup. He hired Janice. Bob wanted Janice to concentrate more on the paper work. One day Bob wanted print outs of some old invoices. Janice collected those invoices. She then get a new printer from the store and get those invoices printed.

Javascript - Compiled or Interpreted?

I started my career with .NET. I was a WPF developer and use Visual Studio as the primary IDE. Though I am a desktop application developer, I was aware of JavaScript programming. But I thought Javascript is a toy language and its primary purpose is to manipulate web pages.But the evolution of Javasc

Javascript - Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous programming becomes unavoidable in todays programming. In this article, I would like to talk about, how Javascript evolved to handle asynchronous programming using callbacks. What is a callback? Consider a scenario of a candidate who attends an interview in a reputed organisation. Once